About the painter

            Little things change the world

My name is Nadezhda Gellmundova and I am an oil painter.

Since childhood, I have been inclined to create in various artistic fields. Painting, ceramics, crocheting, sewing, ikebana and many more. Unfortunately, at seventeen, I gave up my artistic inclinations and went to study at a university in the field of technology.

But as they say, you can't cheat your destiny.

As a mother of three children and in a foreign country, I picked up a brush and started painting. It wasn't easy, I had to learn everything from the basics. Now I am very happy that my destiny is being fulfilled.

They paint pictures with oil paints on canvas. I draw inspiration from nature, architecture and the people I see around me.



I had personal and joint exhibitions.

- 2022 July - August. "Painting Plein Air", Bílina

- 2022 January - March. "Winter Exhibition 2022" D31 Art Gallery. Online

- 2022 January. "Open" 2022 show, Colors of humanity art gallery. Online.

- 2021 September. "Weekend of open studios", Pilsen.

- 2021 July - August. "Painting Plein Air", Bílina.

- 2020 July. "Painting Plein Air", Bílina

- 2020 February - May. "Red bison", Prague

- 2019 March. "Under the open sky", Bílina

- 2018 July. "Rays of Life", Bílina

Oil paintings can be found in private collections in the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Germany, Russia, Germany.