Ar the fairytale forest 2

A replica of my painting.

The picture was painted after a walk in our beautiful fairytale forest near the town of Bílina in the north of the Czech Republic. It is one of the most popular places for city dwellers. For several years now, to the great delight of children, they have been supplemented with wooden figurines of heroes from fairy tales and cartoons.

For painting, I use high-quality canvas with a proportional composition of cotton and synthetics. I usually use a three to four layer technique. After it has completely dried, I glue the canvas to the panel using a special transparent double-sided adhesive film. As a final point, varnished with a protective varnish.

Oil painting on canvas size 39 × 29 cm.

The year 2021.

Treated with final varnish.

Signed at the bottom of the image.

Author's Certificate of Authenticity.

The picture can be framed, in case of interest contact me.

8,445.00 Kč