Gentleman in socks

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Little children are funny and cute. Their curiosity is a joy to observe. How they learn to walk, talk and learn about the world. They are interested in everything and everything around them. Children tend to touch, explore and try everything. Observing my grandson inspired me to create this image with a hint of irony. A little gentleman with a bow tie and socks.

For painting, I use a canvas with a proportional composition of cotton and synthetics. I usually use a three to four layer technique. After it has completely dried, I glue the canvas to the panel using a special transparent double-sided adhesive film. As a final point, varnished with a protective varnish..

Oil painting on canvas pasted on a 39 x 29 cm panel.

The year 2022.

Cover with final varnish.

Signed in the left corners.

Author's Certificate of Authenticity.

The picture can be framed, in case of interest, write to me.

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