Present past

This painting is about the interweaving of past and present.

I grew up in a small village in the north of Kazakhstan. I spent most of my childhood in the wild. Walks through meadows and groves and, in addition, cycling along narrow paths. Collection of mushrooms and forest fruits. The constant presence of pets and fleeting encounters with wild animals.

When I was 17 years old, I went to the capital of Kazakhstan, Almaty. Over time, I moved to the Czech Republic and now I live in the small town of Bílina in the middle of Europe.

When I painted a portrait of my daughter with my cat Nella, all my childhood memories flashed through my head. In this picture, the past and the present, the fate of my daughter and me, intertwine.

In a way, it is a self-portrait with a drop of nostalgia of a naive little girl living in an adult woman.

For painting, I use a canvas with a proportional composition of cotton and synthetics. I usually use a three to four layer technique. After it has completely dried, I glue the canvas to the panel using a special transparent double-sided adhesive film. As a final point, varnished with a protective varnish.

Oil painting on canvas pasted on a 45 x 59 cm panel.

Year 2020.

Framed in a wooden frame from a Czech manufacturer, size 51.6 x 65.6 x 2.7 cm.

Treated with final varnish.

Signed at the bottom of the image.

Ready to hang.

Author's Certificate of Authenticity.

16,759.00 Kč