Still life with radish

I don't know why, but I don't paint still life very often. Once I cleaned the rest of the vegetables and it caught my eye. Onions, tomatoes, cloves of garlic with a set of pepper and salt created an interesting combination of colors. Because of this, this picture and one other were created.

For painting, I use a canvas with a proportional composition of cotton and synthetics. I usually use a three to four layer technique. After it has completely dried, I glue the canvas to the panel using a special transparent double-sided adhesive film. As a final point, varnished with a protective varnish.

Oil painting on canvas pasted on a 30 x 24 cm panel.

The year 2021.

Framed in a wooden frame from a Czech manufacturer, size 37.3 × 31.2 × 2.8 cm.

Treated with final varnish.

Signed at the bottom of the image.

Ready to hang.

Author's Certificate of Authenticity.

6,971.00 Kč