The world around me 

A dream can come true....

I have always thought that every person is capable of changing the world, it is enough to believe in yourself and follow your inner feelings. The path is not easy and smooth. It is full of falls, exhaustion, fatigue, ridicule and rejection. But there are moments of success and victory over your fears and weaknesses. I'm so glad I found my way through canvas and paint. I hope and believe that even an artist with a brush in her hand can change not only herself but also the world.

Here I painted a picture of how I transform my room into a nice landscape with a river and clean air with the help of a brush and paints.

How to give the interior conciseness and elegance without changing the furniture. 

1. Arrange photos on shelves in rooms.

2. Put up posters of your favorite rock band.

3. Hang large illustrated calendars.

4. Create a living corner (bonsai and parrot cage).

5. Hang an art object - a picture - on the wall. The classic version is an oil painting on canvas. Tested by time.

🎨Portrait, landscape, genre composition will emphasize the individuality of the interior, show the refined taste of the owner. It will bring completeness and perfection to the apartment.

🎨 Original paintings are painted using an original technique with colors from Ladoga and Master Class.

🎨A certificate of authenticity from the author is attached to the paintings

🎨The works are signed by the artist.

Packaging my paintings 

The story of how a tomato and an onion sparked the creation of two still lifes.

To be honest, I don't really like still life. Take, for example, classic Dutch with lots of fruits, vegetables, wonderful luxury things. Well, I will look, consider the details, evaluate the technique and skill. But that's all. 

Well, I have no soul for them.This distaste for images of cups, books and apples naturally manifested itself in my work. A still life in my portfolio is a rare thing, like snow in the middle of summer. That's why I became interested in how it turns out that such a picture is born.

Once I cooked dinner, I didn't even cook it, I just put vegetables on the table for a salad. Tomatoes are round, bright rolls, they accentuate each other. The onion is strong, with a bright glare and a cool shade in the shadow, it gave a warm reflex on the table. The garlic added a hint of lilac. I moved something, added a salt shaker, a knife, a glass to find a fun angle.

I got so involved in the game of reflexes, shadows and light that I only realized after a few hours that I had prepared two canvases with an underpainting instead of dinner. Would it be interesting to know about the history of other paintings?

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